TMC is supported by our Underwriters. Here are some of the ways we can help YOU out:

These are a few of our standard offerings to all sponsors:

1. Logo on our remote truck (seen at concerts across the state).

2. Logo on front and tail of all 13 PBS episodes. Episodes are provided free of charge to all 300 PBS stations. 81 stations have aired TMC. Multiple show rotations are typically aired Saturday evening on PBS.

3. Be a part of a new project highlighting the state’s best rising stars under the age of 20. Recording in each major Texas City, finalists will be highlighted on the Texas Music Café PBS TV program.

4. Ride along an co-host Texas Music Caféand meet the artist of your choice.

5. Stage mentions and free tickets to live event tapings.

6. Logo on “Texas Music Café”® T-shirts (used as pledge items on PBS).

7. 52 Web TV Episodes branded with your Underwriting slot.

8. Live Location Recording at the location of your choice.

9. Banner Ad on the Texas Music Café® web page (12 months)

10. Underwriter segment front and tail all 13 new shows.

11. Work a specific Specified Initiative of your choice.
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    Not as expensive as you think,,, We will work within any budget to help bring national attention to you or your product.

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