Texas Music Cafe Interrogates the Texas K.G.B.

May 8, 2016


Also known as the Kelly Green Band, The Texas K.G.B. is an original Americana music family band comprised of Kelly Green, JACE, Kody Lee, and Amber Lucille. Their recently released album, “Songs in the Key of Pain Part 1,” shot to the top of the Americana music charts immediately following its debut.


The Texas K.G.B. is infiltrating TSTC, so Texas Music Cafe took the opportunity to question the family band to find out what makes them tick. We’re serving up a healthy helping of answers before they take over the stage on Wednesday, May 18.


“How did The Texas KGB get its start? What made you decide to start a family band?”


“The Texas K.G.B. got its start in 2013 from the remnants of another band, Jace N' Lee, which was also a family band. Music has always been a huge part of our family so naturally we came together out of likeminded interest. We are all extremely close and I think you can hear that in our music.”


“Where do you find inspiration for your songs, and what is your writing process?”


“I find the best inspiration comes from our own personal experiences or the experiences of people around us, especially in trying times. Turning a tragic situation into something beautiful such as music is gratifying.  Most of our songs are penned in a closet. There is something comforting about hiding away and letting the music flow. I keep a guitar and notebook in there at all times.”


“With the release of your album, what is your favorite song and is there a story behind why?”


“We don't have a favorite because they all have special and different meanings to us but 'Lil Cold' is the title track to the album. We named the album after a line in the song that says, ‘Had to say goodbye and just get away, write another song in the key of pain.’ That line sticks out to me more than the others because it is just so very true.”


“Your schedule seems pretty packed. Is it a struggle to keep up and how do you keep the energy up with so many shows?”


“We are proud to be working as much as we do! Paying the rent with our ROCK! Haha, seriously though we take great care of ourselves. We don't party too hard, exercise often, and eat annoyingly healthy. But it is all worth it to be able to play music for a living and have longevity doing it.”


“How much confusion do you encounter over the name of your band from people who may not be familiar with the band?”


“The reaction we get from people over the name is always fun. People call us The Texas K.G.B. Band all the time. Which is funny to me because the B stands for Band. And of course there is the daily, ‘Are you Russians!?’ question We usually just make a bad joke like, ‘We're not Russian but we were in a hurry to get here.’  My favorite will always be the night we were on the marquee as ‘The Texas K96.’ Which happened because someone hand wrote ‘kgb' lower case on their booking calendar. We had to keep a flyer from that night. It was too funny not to.”





Come out to TSTC’s Student Rec Center, 3801 Campus Dr. Waco, TX 76705, May 18th at 5:00 to see The Texas KGB live and in concert. Can’t wait? Check them out online at thetexaskgb.com, or visit texasmusiccafe.com to watch more amazing live musical performances anytime.


*Photo credit: thetexaskgb.com

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